Nov 2, 2008

WTF is going on

What an ambiguous topic. "WTF is going on" can pretty much be applied to anything that is going on around us now, from the economy to hockey mom running for vice president, but I am just going to share a personal experience from today.

I couldnt be bothered to cook tonight after gym earlier so i decided to go buy takeaway instead. Sunday night was rather quiet for the restaurant, there were just 2 other guys waiting for their takeaway with me and the owner had her 2 kids running around the restaurant like its a playground. So the older brother (about 6) asked me some advice on his drawing homework (i typed assignment first but then realized how un-preschool the word "assignment" is) and I helped him a bit with his coloring. Then the young brother (around 4) saw us giggling, ran over, and demanded my attention. So i picked up the younger brother's toy gun on the ground and started shooting him.

Here is a million dollar question, what was the reaction i got?

A - "Fxxk you"
B - "Fxxk you" + 1-5 punches
C - "Fxxk you" + 5-10 punches
D - "Fxxk you" + 11+ punches

LOL. I actually dont remember the exact punches but he was definitely machine gun punching me for a good 2 seconds. Oh yea, did i mention? He dropped an F-bomb on me also.

I have fxxk'd a lot of people and got fxxk'd (both verbally) probably more times by others. But by a kid who just stopped sucking his thumb? WTF IS GOING ON?

hkgirl said people in UK are like this. WHAT? i am sure there are more kids like him. WHAT? Seriously, if hockey mom becomes vice president in 48 hours, then everyone should do an AP news search for "man from HK struck by lightning".

Until next time.

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