Nov 5, 2009

positive thinking

I have started a new job about 2-3 weeks ago after coming back to HK and the ride hasn't been smooth. I have been assigned various tasks and my big boss pretty much hasn't been all too happy about my performance each time I gave her my work. While it is understandable for any new hires to learn a new company's system, the feedback I have been getting has been "you need to use your brain / common sense more". For a person who is pretty proud of his intelligence, these past two weeks has been a complete negative reinforcement for my theory - my personal record of most times being called a dumbass was probably broken in the process too.

Now, for those of you who are not too familiar with the Chinese / SE Asia system, bosses / mom & dads basically have a free ticket to yell at you at anytime they want. That has changed recently but the majority of the older generation still beats you down like a dog if you mess up. I was initially pretty thrown off by it to be honest and felt that I was being treated unfairly since a new hire couldn't possibly meet all the expectations set. Then as always, there is always the flip side, where you see the boss who hired me has a legitimate reason to be upset since the things I messed up is considered as common sense to the boss. It is usually a tough boss, not the one who smiles at you after you fxxk up, that trains a good worker. While I really don't have support for this theory, I think this constant push for me to better is a good way for me to get out of my work rust. On top of that, I usually do even better when the pressure is on. would still be nice if some of the criticisms are not as harsh and that my salary is a tad-bit higher

Nov 3, 2009


i really admire those who work a full time job and still manage to have enough brain cells to write a full blog. doesn't their brains get tired from facing a computer all day already? onto today's topic...

Sales is definitely the most important job in mankind's history. Everyone has to be a sales at one point or another, whether it is selling yourself in interviews, selling ideas, products, or even selling you to be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend, but not everyone is a good sales. Confidence, quick thinking, common sense, using your brain, understanding who you are selling to are all basic skills needed to be a good sales.

If it is so easy, then why aren't more people good at being a sales? Confidence comes with knowledge, quick thinking comes from experience, common sense and using your brain can be trained, but understanding who you are selling to is what most people have problem doing. For some, it is because they are too busy trying to convey the message they want to sell and fail to realize what the customer really wants. I am sure everyone has faced this issue one way or another with people who just say what they want to say, argue their points and never compromise. Words go into their ears but not into their brains.

More and more people are like this and this is a trend that doesn't seem likely to change...

P.S. just a follow up to my first sentence, my English really is a lot worse after spending a day working...