Mar 17, 2009

Pointing finger at MBA..???

A survey recently asked some MBA students why people like me want to take an MBA:

Increase in salary
Open new career opportunities
Extend personal network

Up until university, all of our education has been about... EDUCATION. All other masters degree are there for educational purposes. Only MBA is for something different. Is that the reason why MBAs are the ones to blame for this financial crisis?

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Mar 5, 2009


Dreams is such an intriguing topic. There are some people that you can go talk to about your dreams and they can interpret the meaning behind because "our brain is a lot more powerful than we know". I also find it rather interesting that 1, i never knew what color my dreams are. Black & white, colorful, or just plain color. 2, i never "remember" my dreams 5 minutes after i wake up, and 3, most of my dreams never really have an ending. I can live with the first 2, but interesting fact 3 bothers me the most.

Maybe because of my love for food, about 50% of my dreams are about traveling the world and eating different things. The problem is, I spent 99% of my dream traveling and meeting random people en route to food but I NEVER EAT. It is like a movie building up to this climax just to have the screen goes black and lights turned on. Think Sopranos ending when you keep thinking something is going to happen just to find out that the screen goes black and the series is over. On a scale of 1-10, I would probably give this experience a 0.5 in terms of frustration goes but having the same 0.5 frustration happening 3 times a week is no fun.

If only some of these dream readers can tell me the meaning behind this...

P.S. - I never EVEEERRRR had wet dreams in my life due to the same reason too.

Mar 3, 2009

The cycle

There was a time back in university when I really wished to be in school forever. Imagine how life would be. No need to worry about jobs & money, living in an all expenses paid for life. I remember at some point, probably when work started getting really crazy, I gave up that thought.

After working for a couple years and living off that silly salary, the school > work thought came back. Wouldnt life be great if i can just get paid for reading books? Then MBA came along, it was all good and fun UP UNTIL NOW. UP UNTIL NOW. when I have a ton of paper / presentation / BLAH BLAH BLAH to write.

Job > School

humans... we are never satisfied with what we have