Dec 29, 2008

catching up

just in case if you are wondering how i spent my xmas week, here is a short summary:

Dec 23 - Sake sake sake. Finished a bottle of 1.8L sake between hkgirl and I
Dec 24 - drinking at a friend's till 4am
Dec 25 - 2 bottles of red wine between me and hkgirl, but we slept from 10pm till 11am the next day
Dec 26 - Beer'ing (i just invented this word) from 3pm till 1am, passed out immediately after i get home
Dec 27 - whiskey soda till 4am
Dec 28 - Just beer. sake. and some more beer from 7-midnight. I was playing it safe.
Dec 29 - White Wine. Sake. 1/2 Bottle o gin, some beer.

umm... x'mas week = hangover week

Dec 22, 2008

Happiness in financial crisis

By now if you are reading this blog, you should know that the world is in a financial crisis. So in other words, you probably also find out during your christmas shopping that everything is so much cheaper this year. Why? because all the shops are doing insane discounts cos of the "financial crisis" wooooooooooooo

while i know a lot of people have lost their jobs, the majority still have their monthly salary in tact. You are still getting paid...say... $10000 a month. But everything else in the world is cheaper. For example, I bought 4 shirts yesterday for the same price I would have bought 2 shirts last year in Christmas. Stores are doing never seen before level discounts and its up to us to take advantage of it

Shopaholic Heaven~

Dec 16, 2008

In 2008...

Funny thing about us bloggers are that, more often than most, we forget what we wrote before and get pretty amazed when reading the stuff we wrote before. Feels just like a random blog if it wasn't for the familiar web address.

The more I think about it, the more I think this financial crisis isn't a bad thing. Hear me out before bananas, tomatoes, and shoes (lol). Did it not baffle any of you that banks were selling us shit that we never understood? Yea it went up but WTF was it?

Without bad times, we wont cherish the good times. Humans are naturally dumb - we don't learn how to tighten our pocket unless we are forced to; and when we have money, we use it all... as if the every 10 year stock market crash doesnt already teach us a lesson. Yes finance people do make a load of money but we are omitting all the people who get fired on their way up top. A fortuneteller once told me that I should go into finance and I told him the daily life of a stressful 8-6 job just isnt me.

Let's see if my feelings towards this changes in 2009.

Dec 15, 2008

Small Break

Apologize for the lack of updates recently. Exams are hitting up pretty hard and I have been drinking a lot to write. ...yea exam and drinks. Not study, drinks. I am, by no means, implying that MBA is something you get through with alcohol. MBA is something bigger than textbooks and lecture notes - there is no right or wrong, its all about how well you argue your case; which is essentially the case for things in life, there is no right or wrong.

We make our best judgment on any circumstances based on the scenario presented; our best judgment has no right or wrong behind it, its just what we felt like doing.

...and i just happened to feel like drinking before exams

Dec 3, 2008

Cocky MBA part 2

Just want to elaborate a bit more on my previous topic.

I think all students put way too much emphasis on their grade. MBA for example, prepares you for the business world. In the real world, no body gives you a grade. You are evaluated by how much money you made or how well you managed your team and the MBA's purpose is to well equip yourself to do so. It is not your grade, but your knowledge, that matters out there. Getting high marks and then forgetting everything 2 months later is more useless than getting average marks but remembers everything. I am seriously more worried about how i can apply the things i learned than my exam grades.

...chances are that I will probably forget everything I learn 3 months after I graduate though...

Dec 1, 2008

Cocky MBA

Exams are coming up and professors do revision sessions to help students get through the exams. I am not being cocky here but while everyone is worried about their grades, I am overconfident to a point where I dont see the need of over studying.

Most of the people I talked to in this MBA thought our class and works are intense, but this is nothing new to me. This MBA is busy, yes, but it has also been a relatively easy ride for me, at least compare to the 4 years of hell I went through as a Biomed undergrad in JHU.

I have always told my parents this... "unless there is some other planet with living people, I graduated from the best biotech university from the universe and everything else in life will not be as challenging as that" Seriously, how do you top from being the best in the universe? This doesnt mean I dont treat my MBA course with the attention it needs... I just dont see the need of stressing over it, especially when its just an exam of your analytical skills (somethings you cant train in 10 days).

Why so serious?