Aug 31, 2008

Who Moved My Cheese?

As my countdown to London is less than a week now, I figure I should write something about it.

It is very interesting how a person's mind works. When I first start out with the idea of doing MBA in UK, I was excited about it, I looked forward to it and thought of many things I could do in London. Now with less than a week away, I cant say I feel the same. In fact, it has gotten to the point where I can tell everyone "I am not looking forward to it anymore". I am already missing HK before I leave.

HK has just been too nice to me for the past 3 months. I have learned to appreciate everyone better because I know I won't be seeing them for most of the next year. This kind of also means that I wasnt cherishing what I had before... at least not until I was about to lose it. Its just sad that I have to leave just as I am starting to super love HK .

I just hope HK will treat me the same when I come back.

Aug 27, 2008


ermm.... does anyone actually read my blog?

a comment or two would be nice lol

Aug 26, 2008

The world is going to end.

Hong Kong was once again hit with a typhoon, except this time we had the "strongest typhoon of the year" hitting us. (Ironically, it was hkgirl's birthday last saturday and both of our birthdays had been typhoon days in Hong Kong)

So we had the strongest typhoon of the year on friday, hitting us directly. 6 hours later, we had no rain, no wind; all we had was sunshine. WTF? wasn't that supposed to be to the strongest storm of the year? No rain? No wind? When was the last time you hear that you can go out and get a nice tan after "the strongest storm" hit your town.

If that wasn't proof that our world is ending soon, I don't know what is. Honestly, I don't think we can make a difference. Even with the whole world recycling we probably still cant offset what computer company like Dell/HP/IBM does with computer waste. And computer waste isnt the only pollution we face.

Recycling is not enough. Support Green Peace is the best we can do.

Aug 20, 2008

The pursuit of HAPPYness

Had a disagreement (fight & argument are too strong to use here) with hkgirl earlier the week and the conversation pretty much boils down to the quote "life is too short to be unhappy all the time". There are a million reasons to be happy and there are also a million reasons to be unhappy, yet people generally choose to be unhappy. Why? A friend told me last week that "it is so hard for me to be happy" and I told him "just go out and do things you like to do and you will be". My mom gets upset with our house maid daily for some random reasons. You can probably find more people =| and =( in the world than you do =)

My solution to happiness is very simple. Smile more and do things you like more. Everyone's lives are full of negative, why let your brain put the focus on them? Focus on the positives, and try your best to ignore the negatives. When something bad happens, handle it the best you can and leave it behind. Don't let that one small/big thing hinder your mood for the rest of the day. Kids are happier because they don't let their negative emotions affect themselves. I don't understand but sometime somewhere everyone started doing things the other way around. Ignore the positives, amplify the negatives, and asks "how come I was so happy when I was a kid?"

It is time to unlearn your methods.

Start with smiling more. =)

Aug 18, 2008

Holiday Motivation

I am such a cunt... I have a ton of topics I want to write about but I am just too lazy to spend the 5 minutes to type them up... which brings me to my topics today - holiday motivation.

The way I see it, there are 3 ways people manage their time.
Type 1 - This type of people finish their tasks the moment it appears.
Type 2 - These people doesn't see the need to finish their task ASAP, but also wont wait until the last minute to finish their task
Type 3 - This is your typical procrastinator. Their brain doesn't start operating until 5 minutes before the deadline.

In general, type 1 people are your workhorses. They are your workaholics. They finish the tasks ASAP, get bored, and finds more new things to do. Moms are generally like that, they have nothing to do at home, gets bored, and goes to your room to nag. Nag nag nag nag.

I believe most people at my age-ish falls under type 3 category. We don't study until 2 days before the exam. We don't start moving until we start smelling deadline. We are your 15-29 crew. Motivation to finish stuff? Deadline. The funny thing is that these people understand that procrastination is bad and that their quality of work is poor from it but they just keep procrastinating. Very LOL.

Type 2 is generally the luckiest of all. They have the option to do what they want whenever they want. These people are most likely your boss. They go to work whenever they want, they do things at their own pace. And how did they get here? Most likely by being a Type 1 worker. But this is very much like how I am with holidays now. Things that usually take me an hour to finish now needs 2+ to finish simply because I have no reason to do it any faster. I feel very much like a boss now... except I am just an unemployed fool.

Countdown to UK - 17 days

Aug 11, 2008

Events = Alcohol?

It has been a rather alcohol filled weekend.

Last Friday, I attended my ex colleague Rexx's wedding. Last Saturday, I had my birthday party. Alcohol played an important role in both events. I totally understand the concept of drinking for occasions but that "drinking for occasion" has now changed to "get drunk because its your occasion". Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol. As much as I love getting a drink, I have realized how much overboard people have been going. May our livers suffer.

Some small items:

The crazy 4x100 relay that took place yesterday. It was about the most exciting live sporting event experience I have ever through a TV. You dont even have to like swimming to enjoy it. Here is a link of the video:

Countdown to UK = 25 days.

Aug 5, 2008

my first real post. my first birthday in typhoon.

It was very hard finding motivation to start writing again. Someone once asked "when do you feel like reading?" The answers are not difficult go guess: "when i am bored" "when i breakup". The only books I read are journals and autobiographies, usually because I want to be inspired by how others think and how others lived their lives. Well that's not the point. Why does people feel like writing so much nowadays? Blogs. Journals. Forums. Everyone's voice gets heard somehow. The reason why I write is simple, is to hopefully inspire some people just like how the authors inspire me. There are no guarantees but I am pretty sure my blog will be a pretty interesting one.

Today, August 6th, is my birthday. It just so happens that a huge typhoon hit Hong Kong so I had to stay home all day. For students, people who work, everyone dreams of a mini typhoons hitting your city once a week so that you get an extra day off, whereas for people like me, jobless waiting for school to start, or students on a holiday, getting a day of nothing to do at home is pretty much a waste. But when you think about it, it is going to be impossible for me to have a peaceful birthday at home for a long time, so today was well worth it. Thank you Typhoon.