Aug 5, 2008

my first real post. my first birthday in typhoon.

It was very hard finding motivation to start writing again. Someone once asked "when do you feel like reading?" The answers are not difficult go guess: "when i am bored" "when i breakup". The only books I read are journals and autobiographies, usually because I want to be inspired by how others think and how others lived their lives. Well that's not the point. Why does people feel like writing so much nowadays? Blogs. Journals. Forums. Everyone's voice gets heard somehow. The reason why I write is simple, is to hopefully inspire some people just like how the authors inspire me. There are no guarantees but I am pretty sure my blog will be a pretty interesting one.

Today, August 6th, is my birthday. It just so happens that a huge typhoon hit Hong Kong so I had to stay home all day. For students, people who work, everyone dreams of a mini typhoons hitting your city once a week so that you get an extra day off, whereas for people like me, jobless waiting for school to start, or students on a holiday, getting a day of nothing to do at home is pretty much a waste. But when you think about it, it is going to be impossible for me to have a peaceful birthday at home for a long time, so today was well worth it. Thank you Typhoon.

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