Aug 18, 2008

Holiday Motivation

I am such a cunt... I have a ton of topics I want to write about but I am just too lazy to spend the 5 minutes to type them up... which brings me to my topics today - holiday motivation.

The way I see it, there are 3 ways people manage their time.
Type 1 - This type of people finish their tasks the moment it appears.
Type 2 - These people doesn't see the need to finish their task ASAP, but also wont wait until the last minute to finish their task
Type 3 - This is your typical procrastinator. Their brain doesn't start operating until 5 minutes before the deadline.

In general, type 1 people are your workhorses. They are your workaholics. They finish the tasks ASAP, get bored, and finds more new things to do. Moms are generally like that, they have nothing to do at home, gets bored, and goes to your room to nag. Nag nag nag nag.

I believe most people at my age-ish falls under type 3 category. We don't study until 2 days before the exam. We don't start moving until we start smelling deadline. We are your 15-29 crew. Motivation to finish stuff? Deadline. The funny thing is that these people understand that procrastination is bad and that their quality of work is poor from it but they just keep procrastinating. Very LOL.

Type 2 is generally the luckiest of all. They have the option to do what they want whenever they want. These people are most likely your boss. They go to work whenever they want, they do things at their own pace. And how did they get here? Most likely by being a Type 1 worker. But this is very much like how I am with holidays now. Things that usually take me an hour to finish now needs 2+ to finish simply because I have no reason to do it any faster. I feel very much like a boss now... except I am just an unemployed fool.

Countdown to UK - 17 days

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