Oct 30, 2008

Finding Equilibrium

Just came back from a 3 day vacation in Lala-land. Lala-land is definitely one of the places that everyone should visit once in their life time. Who doesnt like floating in the air for 72 hours straight? What I noticed was that people in lala-land actually don't lala that much. Its similar to what I tell people about England - they are not drunks.

I guess its difficult for outsiders to understand but when something (whether it be lala or alcohol) is so incorporated into a culture, its no longer something to go crazy over. People get off work for a happy hour drink daily in england, but nobody goes crazy over it. Why? Because people have learned to be responsible with their alcohol consumption. Everyone understands that it is something they do after work to chill / relax; its not like everyone goes get trashed every night. It is a bit hard to implement it but I would suggest country leaders to look into educating people how to utilize these things rather than straightup banning them or supressing them. The US drinking age limit (21) one of these silly examples. Kids find their way to alcohol anyway and these are the kids that gets mad trashed each time they drink because drinking is such a "special" thing for them. Moral of the story is to teach kids how to drink and not ban them until 21.

The forbidden fruit is always tempting.

Oct 26, 2008

Here and there

Its been a while but I had McDonald's today for lunch. I pretty much tell myself the same thing every time I step into a McD... "wow, its been the longest time since I had Mickie Dee", but its also the truth. My motivation for McDonald's is just not that big unless I feel like having their McNuggets, pretty much the only thing i really like from them.

James Bond is coming out next week. Is it just me or does it really look like Daniel Craig can break us all in half?

Do you ever wonder how people go to the gym on a weekday between 2-5pm? Don't they have work?

Don't you also wonder why Arnold and Stallone didnt make a movie together? It was everyone's dream back in the 90's.

School was pretty insane last week but the entertainment after has been great. A mountain of one. Justice (umm... that didnt quite happened). NFL at Wembley. Amsterdam tomorrow... looking forward to some of my posts after some funny cigarettes.

Oct 21, 2008


I apologize for the lack of updates lately... things have just been incredibly busy for me.

Oct 14, 2008

Old School

A lot of people have told me that my blog is rather sad. Thats actually a good thing beause my purpose of this blog from the beginning that to show insights the real me wouldnt do. This blog is the batman to my usual happy bruce wayne. But the question is... is Batman or Bruce Wayne the true identity? hah

Back onto what I wanted to write in the first place. I consider myself a fairly old tradition style guy. You work hard, capture opportunities, and you make money. Simple as that. What i noticed within the past 3 to 5 years is that the younger generation (maybe because the economy was great back then) tend to find money easy to come by.

A real example. This guy just randomly bought a chinese stock which was going up anyway and tripled his fortune in the year from 2006 to 2007. Another example, about half of the fresh-grads I saw entering my old company was pretty much a bum. They show up (even on their first week, when you are supposed to impress your boss), work at their snail speed and expect the world to tolerate that. I swear to god this was the case. My colleagues from my old job still bitches to me daily about how lazy this person is and that monitoring this person takes more time than doing their stuff. Ridiculous.

I was at a Johnsons & Johnsons job fair last night and the presenter said something that i totally agree with. (i am paraphrasing here) "Ever since the dot com boom, the chance of capitalizing on innovative methods have decreased greatly". Even if you have idea, note this: Larry Page didnt create google from being a lazy schmuck. Steve Jobs doesnt just sit in his desk and play with his iPhone all day (actually, does anyone know if he even has an iPhone?! and if he does, would his version be like... super souped up?) There is always only one way to ensure success - Work your f**king ass off.

I am totally old school on this one.

Oct 12, 2008

Bring it

I have noticed that I usually write about a topic and then do a twist at the end and I have fallen pretty comfortable with that format so I have decided to change things up a bit this time. The ending will come before the story this time.

"Bring it"

It wasnt until when I finished that bottle of gin last night until I realized that i havent been drunk for a while. A little history here... I used to get drunk every night! If it wasnt from doing shots at clubs it was doing shots at home with hkgirl. There was a week when we would finish a bottle of vodka every night! (I BS you not)... and that's AFTER we probably drink 2 bottles of wine or a bottle of 720ml sake. And speaking of sake, I love sake. I finished like... a 1.8L bottle of sake this year in my birthday. If I have to choose 1 drink to have for the rest of my life it has to be sake... though i'd probably die without water.

Back to my main point, so i had my bottle of wine last night during dinner and wanted to drink more. Spotted my bottle of gin on the corner of my table and decided to finish the 1/2 bottle remaining. An hour and half later, that gin is gone and my crave for alcohol was even larger then. Then something hit me. I havent been drunk for a long time. Like, 1 month long time, and thats like 1 month in dog year for me. Don't get me wrong, I go out drinking and I have my bottle of wine every dinner, but I just havent been DRUNK. you know? Delirious drunk.

Just kind of miss that feeling

So for those of you who wants to get me fucted. Like i said in the beginning... Bring it!

...I actually dont think a normal person who bitch about being sober for a month

P.S. - I got bored today, so I went back and read my old blog at xanga and my early blogging style was... lets just say very different.

Oct 7, 2008

since when?

umm... no... I am not going to talk about paris hilton on this post, I actually want to focus on "since when"... did we decide that it is ok to upload drunken pictures of ourselves...

really? imagine 5 years ago (yea there was internet back then too), people were still conscious of their image. You wouldnt see drunken pictures of anyone online. No one would upload pictures of themselves smoking. Your brothers and sisters wouldnt do it, but everyone is doing it now. why? Since when? Since when did we start uploading our crazy pics? Is it because of all the paparazzi taking crazy celeb pics? Is it because our lives are too bleh? I seriously see no point of having my drunken pic online...

...that is, unless, i am doing it for charity... umm... who would want to see hkbomber drunk anyway?!?!?!?!

P.S. ... did anyone find the memory improvement thing useful? Comments anyone?

Oct 5, 2008

Continuing from where we left off...

basically, its pretty much impossible to memorize 30 words in order within 3 minutes. what you can do is make it easier for you to memorize. the memory improving lecturer taught us that if you make the words something more than just words, it will be easier to memorize them.

For instance, try coming up with a story like this:

I am now inside the ARENA looking right at the CARGO. I grabbed a CHISEL and i opened up the PARCEL. get it? basically you make a story out of it and the 30 words will be a lot easier to memorize. try it out yourself...

...except there isnt much situation in real life where u need to just memorize words...

Oct 2, 2008

Silly Learnings

Considering that I (super not myself-ly) pretty much completed all my studies and even read ahead (!), I have some time to blog again.

Instead of diving into another topic I am going to give you readers (yea the few of you) a memory test. Try to memorize the following 30 words in order. You have 3 minutes to memorize them. If you get a word and its position correctly, you get 2 points, and you get 1 point deducted for every wrong position and words. Blanks are just plain Zero.

1 arena 11 calcium 21 cannon
2 cargo 12 bung 22 editor
3 chisel 13 grain 23 wrist
4 parcel 14 Leonardo da Vinci 24 bride
5 eighteen 15 head 25 coral
6 moment 16 astronaut 26 window
7 kink 17 cradle 27 bank
8 craft 18 lung 28 daffodil
9 console 19 coin 29 target
10 bride 20 box 30 alarm

Yep its a memory test and basically there is a way to improve your memory and I will reveal show how you can memorize all 30 words in order within 3 minutes in 2 days after you guys try the memory test out.