Oct 2, 2008

Silly Learnings

Considering that I (super not myself-ly) pretty much completed all my studies and even read ahead (!), I have some time to blog again.

Instead of diving into another topic I am going to give you readers (yea the few of you) a memory test. Try to memorize the following 30 words in order. You have 3 minutes to memorize them. If you get a word and its position correctly, you get 2 points, and you get 1 point deducted for every wrong position and words. Blanks are just plain Zero.

1 arena 11 calcium 21 cannon
2 cargo 12 bung 22 editor
3 chisel 13 grain 23 wrist
4 parcel 14 Leonardo da Vinci 24 bride
5 eighteen 15 head 25 coral
6 moment 16 astronaut 26 window
7 kink 17 cradle 27 bank
8 craft 18 lung 28 daffodil
9 console 19 coin 29 target
10 bride 20 box 30 alarm

Yep its a memory test and basically there is a way to improve your memory and I will reveal show how you can memorize all 30 words in order within 3 minutes in 2 days after you guys try the memory test out.

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