Oct 14, 2008

Old School

A lot of people have told me that my blog is rather sad. Thats actually a good thing beause my purpose of this blog from the beginning that to show insights the real me wouldnt do. This blog is the batman to my usual happy bruce wayne. But the question is... is Batman or Bruce Wayne the true identity? hah

Back onto what I wanted to write in the first place. I consider myself a fairly old tradition style guy. You work hard, capture opportunities, and you make money. Simple as that. What i noticed within the past 3 to 5 years is that the younger generation (maybe because the economy was great back then) tend to find money easy to come by.

A real example. This guy just randomly bought a chinese stock which was going up anyway and tripled his fortune in the year from 2006 to 2007. Another example, about half of the fresh-grads I saw entering my old company was pretty much a bum. They show up (even on their first week, when you are supposed to impress your boss), work at their snail speed and expect the world to tolerate that. I swear to god this was the case. My colleagues from my old job still bitches to me daily about how lazy this person is and that monitoring this person takes more time than doing their stuff. Ridiculous.

I was at a Johnsons & Johnsons job fair last night and the presenter said something that i totally agree with. (i am paraphrasing here) "Ever since the dot com boom, the chance of capitalizing on innovative methods have decreased greatly". Even if you have idea, note this: Larry Page didnt create google from being a lazy schmuck. Steve Jobs doesnt just sit in his desk and play with his iPhone all day (actually, does anyone know if he even has an iPhone?! and if he does, would his version be like... super souped up?) There is always only one way to ensure success - Work your f**king ass off.

I am totally old school on this one.

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Unknown said...

I was watching this RTHK show on TVB the other day interviewing people who have 90% of their savings invested on stocks, and one of them planned to retire early and be a full time investor. On the screen there was the guy staring at the saddened chart on his monitor and randomly clicking the mouse. It's very very likely that half a year ago the guy was making big bucks by doing the exact same thing. Money comes by too easily? Probably, but it disappears as quick too.
Will this financial tsunami wake people up from their one night billionaire dreams?