Oct 30, 2008

Finding Equilibrium

Just came back from a 3 day vacation in Lala-land. Lala-land is definitely one of the places that everyone should visit once in their life time. Who doesnt like floating in the air for 72 hours straight? What I noticed was that people in lala-land actually don't lala that much. Its similar to what I tell people about England - they are not drunks.

I guess its difficult for outsiders to understand but when something (whether it be lala or alcohol) is so incorporated into a culture, its no longer something to go crazy over. People get off work for a happy hour drink daily in england, but nobody goes crazy over it. Why? Because people have learned to be responsible with their alcohol consumption. Everyone understands that it is something they do after work to chill / relax; its not like everyone goes get trashed every night. It is a bit hard to implement it but I would suggest country leaders to look into educating people how to utilize these things rather than straightup banning them or supressing them. The US drinking age limit (21) one of these silly examples. Kids find their way to alcohol anyway and these are the kids that gets mad trashed each time they drink because drinking is such a "special" thing for them. Moral of the story is to teach kids how to drink and not ban them until 21.

The forbidden fruit is always tempting.

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