Oct 26, 2008

Here and there

Its been a while but I had McDonald's today for lunch. I pretty much tell myself the same thing every time I step into a McD... "wow, its been the longest time since I had Mickie Dee", but its also the truth. My motivation for McDonald's is just not that big unless I feel like having their McNuggets, pretty much the only thing i really like from them.

James Bond is coming out next week. Is it just me or does it really look like Daniel Craig can break us all in half?

Do you ever wonder how people go to the gym on a weekday between 2-5pm? Don't they have work?

Don't you also wonder why Arnold and Stallone didnt make a movie together? It was everyone's dream back in the 90's.

School was pretty insane last week but the entertainment after has been great. A mountain of one. Justice (umm... that didnt quite happened). NFL at Wembley. Amsterdam tomorrow... looking forward to some of my posts after some funny cigarettes.

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