Apr 24, 2009

The emptiness inside

schoolwork has been absolutely busy for the past month. for example, my schedule for this past week has been:
9-5 product development class
5-6 homework for product development class
6-9:30 project that was due this friday
10:30-1am other work

so you probably figure I would go get pissed drunk after the project was over right? wrong.

I was so used to slaving myself day and night that it didnt feel comfortable not having any work. Now that I have finished this big project, the purpose or drive in me for the past week is now gone and I feel empty. I didnt want to celebrate (partly because our work was average), I didnt want to eat, I didnt want to play games, I didnt want to youtube. Youtube-ing is nowhere as fun when you dont have work and the only thing i wanted to do was to either stare at the sun or sit and stare at the wall. And you know something is wrong 90% of the time when a person just wants to stare at something for a longed period of time.

This is probably the feeling people get when they retire. Empty... which is probably also the reason why people get older a lot quicker after they retire

...It took me one afternoon but luckily Camden Crawl has gotten me somewhat back to my groove