Aug 12, 2009


(Foreword: this is actually a topic that depressed me a lot back when i was 15-18... just never expected it to come back to me, maybe i am just a bit sad now that my vacation with hk girl is over now)

Do we humans see ourselves as too important? or is our perception of the world too small? Our lives will always be focused with our own issues and our goals, our past and present, basically everything is about us. Its about what we want, where we want to be be, how we want to do it, who we meet and talk during the day. It never occurs to us that we are all just a tiny piece of the puzzle. In the grand scheme of things, no matter how important we think our issues are, it probably doesn't even have a 0.000001% significance level. (i am using this as an example and it may be exaggerating a little bit), but even global warming and earth's problem is really nothing when we look at how small earth is comparing to the universe. Its the insignificance of my life that used to depress me.

hk girl hates it when i bring this up but i really think its ok to die when we are all just ants in the universe, repeating our daily lives (work - eat - sleep) pretty much the same way ants repeats their lives. I mean, we dont moan over stepping over some ants so why should humans be different, given we are all equally insignificant. Out of the entire human timeline on earth, there are probably less than 10000 people whose lives will be talked about forever (people like lincoln, george washington, julius caesar, confucius, and even michael jordan to an extent)

10+ years after being depressed over this issue and I still don't have a true solution on how to make the most out of a human life span (without being evil), which is why I am perfectly content with being happy everyday and not worry about the rest.