Aug 20, 2008

The pursuit of HAPPYness

Had a disagreement (fight & argument are too strong to use here) with hkgirl earlier the week and the conversation pretty much boils down to the quote "life is too short to be unhappy all the time". There are a million reasons to be happy and there are also a million reasons to be unhappy, yet people generally choose to be unhappy. Why? A friend told me last week that "it is so hard for me to be happy" and I told him "just go out and do things you like to do and you will be". My mom gets upset with our house maid daily for some random reasons. You can probably find more people =| and =( in the world than you do =)

My solution to happiness is very simple. Smile more and do things you like more. Everyone's lives are full of negative, why let your brain put the focus on them? Focus on the positives, and try your best to ignore the negatives. When something bad happens, handle it the best you can and leave it behind. Don't let that one small/big thing hinder your mood for the rest of the day. Kids are happier because they don't let their negative emotions affect themselves. I don't understand but sometime somewhere everyone started doing things the other way around. Ignore the positives, amplify the negatives, and asks "how come I was so happy when I was a kid?"

It is time to unlearn your methods.

Start with smiling more. =)

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