Nov 4, 2008

Vote for McCain

Wow. 3 posts in 3 days. And i am writing again immediately after a very emotional blog that I really like too. Normally I would let my last blog sit and marinate for a good 3-4 days but given that today is US election day. I want to give my 2 cents on it.

Its not so much about why I like McCain that I am telling you guys to vote for him but i am just not sure about Obama. I just think people expect too much from Obama, especially from his "change" slogan. I firmly believe that if he gets voted in, he wont "change" anything - people will realize that he is just another politician doing the similar things. He will just do the same things, listen to the same people, and nothing will be "changed". Both Obama and McCain cant save the financial shxthole we are in now but at least people dont have any expectations from McCain. Do we really need someone who is going to underachieve (because we expect too much) when the entire world's confidence is already so low? My answer is no.

On top of that, McCain does have more experience. And if for some silly health reasons he cant continue, Sarah Palin is actually NOT THAT BAD OF A CHOICE. It is pretty much due to the same expectation reason I gave above. She is so fxxking dumb that people have zero expectations for her and chances are that she will overachieve and surprise people, and if she doesn't, at least you will have some good youtube videos to laugh at.

At the end of the day, its your vote. I am just trying to convince you to vote for McCain.

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