Nov 18, 2008

Conventional Wisdom

I think everyone pretty much can tell that I go to the gym rather frequently. I would walk past this pub every time I go home from the gym and they have this giant Plasma or LCD TV (i am sorry, I really cant tell the difference between LCD and Plasma) showing the latest news and every time I see the same damn headline - "FINANCIAL CRISIS". I seriously thought the owner of the pub was just playing a DVD or VCR over and over again, but then I realized the date is different and that headline everyday for SKY NEWS / BBC / etc is really FINANCIAL CRISIS. Are you burnt out from all the financial crisis news yet? I am.

At a time when even my 12 year old cousin can tell me something about financial crisis, do i really need to be reminded of it every hour? On top of that, we have the pirates robbing an oil ship in middle east, news of companies laying off people, unemployment rates rising, suicides at all time high (soon), and yea, FINANCIAL CRISIS. Is there any good news? I brought this up as a comment once to the hkdad and he said that people are never interested in good news. But thats not the point now, its more like, there is nothing good coming out. Neo had Agent Smith to balance him out so where are our good news to balance our lives? To quote Jack Johnson, "Where all the good people go"

However, in light of some optimism, conventional wisdom tells us that in 20 years, we will be ok again... that is, if you are not 70 or above now...

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