Feb 5, 2009


Food and Sleep. The two most basic human needs in life. Everything else we claim we need are just things we do for better quality of food and sleep. Most people probably dont care what they eat and how long they sleep but we all enjoy doing it one way or another. I will continue on with this point later.

The invention of youtube, blogs, online gaming has made our lives more enjoyable. People rarely feel bored since they always have internet and playstation to fall back on. It is especially nice for students like me because this is the only entertainment we get after a long day of work. The only issue with all these entertainment is that they get addictive. See where i am going with my earlier point yet?

I love sleeping. I love to have at least a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep and my problem is that I havent been able to sleep more than 6 for a while. The main issues lies within the fact that I havent been able to control my youtube / gaming time every night. I know i have to be up by 8:30am and i am just torturing myself by messing around till 2:xx.

... and I know posting this issue online doesnt help my situation either!

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