Jan 27, 2009

Who we are

It is a subjective world. All of our judgments and decisions are made based on our perceptions of right and wrong, good or bad. For example, people from some countries finds death penalty is worth keeping while some are strongly against it. The problem is, our perceptions change all the time due to the situation presented to us. Most people probably wouldnt think of stealing something but when you have no money and have been starving for 3-4 days, you would probably try to steal something. It is really the situation around us that makes us.

In a simpler case, you may have a very good friend. But the moment you find that he betrays you, your feeling towards him changes. And maybe, just maybe, you will never trust someone as much ever again. We learn from experiences but we also change who we are in the process, which is why you often see friends who are very different if you dont see them much.

Like i said before, people generally get less and less happy as they get old but eventually gets content with what they have by the time they retire.

I personally just hope that I stay happy... and i wish the same for you too.

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