Jan 21, 2009

Be responsible

I dont quite remember which beer ad it was but the slogan was "Drink Responsibly". Most people fail to realize that they should drink responsibly not only for themselves, but for everyone else who drinks as well.

Had Van Gogh hadnt cut his ear off after getting drunk on Absentine, it would probably still be legal. Had the Hooligans think a little more because causing such a riot, we would still be able to drink and watch football at the same time. Enough examples yet?

We are much more important than we think. Every fuck-ups that we make from drugs and alcohol, every bit of inconvenient we cause from smoking, every homework you didnt hand in because of Playstation, gives the powerful people around us a reason to tighten our freedom. Simply put, if we dont mess up, we have freedom.

Its time for us to all start taking responsibility to stop tightening our own laws and boundaries.

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