Jan 14, 2009

The Pursuit of HappYness - part 2

I wrote about this exact topic almost half a year ago. Needless to say, I feel like writing about it again today.

Last time my point focused around smiling more and focus more on the positive aspects of life. The key word this time is "accepting". Whining and feeling like shit doesnt make our problems or issues go away. We live in a time when everyone is brought up to say no.

Some studies have shown that 80+% of the people find no a lot easier to say than yes. Of course! Dissecting and criticizing is far easier than appreciating.

Statement 1: "My boss is giving me more work again, seems like I wont leave work on time tonight."
Statement 2: "My boss is giving me more work again, its my opportunity to show what i can do!"

Much easier to think of statement 1 than 2. Much easier. What i am suggesting is that, everyone needs to start accepting the fact that things we dont like happens. We can go onto the internet forum or to your friends and bitch all you want, but the problem is still going to be here, so? Accept it. We might not solve the negative issues with a positive attitude, but at least we are happy in the process.

Slowly then... we can all learn how to ignore (accept) the negatives and focus on our positive energy.

...now if only I can source my positive energy to finish my 40+ pages of reading...

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