Feb 20, 2009

A new kick for your morning!

I have been meaning to write this since Monday but school work has just been horribly busy so I have to wait until a nice Friday evening to finally get a chance to write.

Unless you are one of those people who just take things for what it is, chances are that we always find way(s) to improve the efficiency and/or quality of the things we do.

A medium (or grande) latte at a coffee shop usually costs about 2-3 pounds. We will use 2 just for this example. Did you know you can now get a gram of cocaine for just 20 pounds? Dont believe me? See here:


A gram of cocaine can be split into 20 lines with each line having a stronger "wake you up" effect than your medium latte, which means you can do a line of cocaine for 1 pound vs buying a latte for 2! Oh wait, this just in, cocaine price set to drop more!


The choice is very simple, do cocaine!

...and this is another reason why we shouldnt have kids.

P.S. - no i dont do cocaine... not unless they start doing hazelnut flavors of them

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