Feb 8, 2009

Another alcohol related topic

Alcohol is such a fun topic to write about. It can be 2060 now and i can probably still find new things to write about alcohol.

Alcohol brings out the best AND worst of everybody. There are people who are completely normal and classy but gets ultra slutty & horny after some booze. There are your loud and talkative people who gets louder AND more talkative. And of course, the classic case of someone quiet and calm getting all violent and picking fights.

None of the above ones are the worst. Hkgirl and I are really the worst type of drunks. We want more. The one thing alcohol does very well is that it turns off our brain. In our case, the internal alcohol inhibitor turns off and we just keep asking for more; next thing we know, we are at home not knowing how we got back. BUT (and this is a huge but) there is 1 big positive that I can extract from our drinking habits. We dont get drunk anymore. Last friday the entire MBA class (well, 95% of the MBA class) went out for drinks and I must have had like 8-10 shots of tequila/vodka. Guess what? I was only tipsy. I was surprised myself. I even got bored with the drinking and went home early.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with me?

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