Sep 18, 2008

Who you want to see before you die

Quick deviation before I move onto today's topic. Thanks for everyone's kind words, the heavy workload that my MBA program gives me is not giving me much time to be unhappy... so I am generally ok. As for hkgirl... I have been encouraging her to drink to death at home so I am pretty sure she has had a very wooooo week as well. Countdown to seeing each other again : 11 weeks.

back onto the original topic... it actually stem from one of my conversations with hkgirl before she went back to hong kong. Who do you want to see before you die? Think about it for a short bit before continuing...



Let me guess... you want to see the people you love the most right?

Most people would generally think that way. See and talk to the people they love the most. Talk to them for that one last time, see their faces one last time. But if you think about it, does it REALLY matter that much that you see someone for one last time before you die? You probably see these people daily or weekly anyway so that one last moment is not really going to matter that much. Plus, I really dont like the thought of having people I love giving me fake smiles in front of me.

Who would I want to see then? 3 types of people.
1 - The people who hate me the most
2 - The people who wants to apologize at me; and
3 - The people who I hate the most

It isnt hard to guess why those 3 types of people are chosen but I will briefly explain anyway..

1 - I want to give these type of people that one last chance to bitch at me, swear at me, give me shit, do random shit to me. Basically I want them to have that one last chance to f**k (not sure if blogspot allows it...) with me that one last time.
2 - I talk to some old people a lot and a lot of times they say that "I wish I had that chance to explain myself or apologize to XXX". Well I am about to die and this is your last chance. This is your last chance for redemption and chances are that I am not going to hold any grudge when my life is going to end in any minute.
3 - This is where the fun part begins. I want to be in a room with 8-10 people I want to cuss out. Imagine a old man with his dying voice "XXX! I have always hated your guts and now you will know it! You @!#!$!%!@#!#" Imagine how fun would that be. I might even come back alive after that.

You may ask ... why do I not want to see that people I want to apologize to? Honestly... regret will probably be the last time I will be thinking at that point so I am probably better of dying without it.

So yea, I strongly encourage you guys to consider my way. More importantly... this way, I will be one of the last person you think of before you die haha.

until next time

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