Sep 22, 2008

Something Simple

Noticed something when I see a person do public speaking. There is no need to panic, your message will come across a lot more convincingly (is that a word?) if you dont A, stutter, B, shake, or C, look down. I know its easy to say and hard to do but its really simple. You just have to believe that you have what it takes to do the speech. You cant convince others if you cant even convince yourself. You might as well give up and not do the speech really.

Confidence is the main point I would like to emphasize. A lot of people lose their confidence and worry about their performance and gets that stage fright and I understand that. But confidence is something that even if you dont have it, you can pretend like you have it. The fear of failing itself probably increases the chance of failing... Elvis Presley is amongst one of the many celebrities who gets super nervous before going on stage. I dont want to go too much into details... but I am sure public speaking in front of hundreds cant be worse than Elvis performing.

These are advices for my friends... problem is I have a teacher who panics daily during lectures...

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