Aug 31, 2010

Why Sleep Why

why do we go to sleep? human nature suggest that we need sleep because we are designed that way, fair but what about the decision of why go to sleep. There are only a few reasons that makes me take off my glasses and go to sleep,
- too drunk for the night, too tired, cuddling after sex,
never have i gone to sleep without giving me a reason
the normal (and most logical) reason "oh its 12 now and i need to wake up in 8 hours" rarely happens to me, its usually 4 hours later and it becomes "shit, its 4 now and my day would be really fucked if i get less than 4 hours of sleep"

I just find that the time I spend staying up is usually the time I spend doing something I want to do, whether that be staying up typing this blog, finishing a 3 hour movie, or spending that extra 30 minutes on video game, (long working hours is a big reason to this) but why would I give up doing I want to do just to sleep earlier and go to work again

If there is one thing i wish human anatomy work differently, it will be that i wish we could sleep less and have the same recovery (WHILE maintaining the same working hours, cos I'd much rather than shot by lightning than extending the already long working hours)

Sleep is nice and I love it whenever I can put in 10+ hours but think about it, we actually don't do anything with the time we spent sleeping (other than resting our organs and eyes). I am quite surprised that scientists havent invented a pill that can make us the same energy with less amount of sleep. What I am trying to say is that sleep itself is a waste of time, just like the time we spend traveling day and night. Assuming that you live for 100 years and sleep 8 hours per day, that means you are not doing anything with 33.33% of your life. Imagine if we only need 4 hours, we would gain 16 years of awake time and would most likely been more productive.

WIthout going too far on this, I'd like to jump back to the original point, have you ever questioned why you decide to sleep last night? or the night before? i am sure thats something you never asked yourself.

(yes we have established that i am an alcoholic by now)

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