Oct 1, 2009

On rumors...

rumors are funny. one of the first that I was ever involved in (10+ years ago) was started because people thought I hated someone that has the same name as me... the funny part comes in when people couldn't tell me why they thought i hated that person or how they came to that conclusion...

case number two... hkmom is close friends with one of the singers from her age. so naturally, hkmom would send her friend some good luck gifts before her concert. the funny part comes in when paparazzi found it newsworthy to use that as a sign for some good lesbian news of 2 fifty year old.

Rumors and gossips have become a big part of everyone's lives... The office (US episode 1 of season 6) actually have an entire episode centered around rumors and gossips... with the focus on what would happen if everyone believed in these rumors. It is a bit sad but everyone just believes rumors and never bother to check and see if they are real - it just seems like these gossip magazines at the newsstand has trained us to believe anything people say, regardless of how silly or untrue the news it. Granted, I am sure that a fair percentage of these gossips are true but would it really be that much of a trouble to double check if what you heard is true? directly from the people involved? and if i deny these rumors, it means its either not your right to know or it really isnt true. I for one dont spend anytime to talk about these rumors... at least not until I have some way or form to confirm it.

it just seems like the world we live in trains us pretty hard to be stupider by the day.

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