Sep 17, 2009

the spoiled generation

I really dont know where this world is heading towards. about a week ago, there were news saying that at least one 12-year old was caught doing Ketamine, a drug if you are not too familiar with the name, and that is probably one out of the thousandSSS who's sniffing. I am not exactly an anti-drug person but 12-year old? Really? Is it because the time we live in is so peaceful that drugs can make it exciting? I suppose this is kind of true since there never was any drug or alcohol problem when there was a war.

Our generation and the people younger than us are really spoiled with all the peacefulness around us. Financial Crisis? pffh... most people my age or younger just lived on. We wake up, go to work / school, and then go back to sleep. All the fun in the middle is just temporary - everything comes so fast and easy (especially with the internet) that we dont learn to cherish what we have. Instead... we find our lives boring and go all out for excitement. I for one, is exactly this type of person, except i am sane/insane enough to understand what I can do (a very good topic that I havent found a good angle to write about). But for many minors with some bad influence... you get a 12-year old kid snorting shit. This is something totally unheard of in my parents or grandparents time - people usually spend their time working hard trying to accomplish something. I really think we need to have a closer look and find out why kids nowadays are so bored with their lives that they would go sniffing drugs when they are not even a TEENager.

Seriously... I dont feel comfortable raising a child in the world that we live in now

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