Jul 7, 2009

Michael Jackson

Its been a while since I have felt so strongly about something so its perfect blogging time.

I was never a big fan of Michael Jackson, never was and probably never will be, which is why his death means nothing to me. Yes, he is an extremely influential figure, but I am just not a fan. I have pretty much the same feeling as if a stranger died - I feel nothing. What i cant stand is all the hypocrites popping up, people who joked about him, people who disliked him, all facebook/twittering the fact that they are sad, they are crying, and they will miss him. WTF? I thought you dont like him.

Another thing, do we really need to have Michael Jackson related news shoved down our throat? and whats the purpose behind a memorial show? Out of all the performers, who really misses him and who is just there for publicity?

just another thing i dont understand about the world we are in today


kelechi said...

Hei, I'm pretty sure the people who spoke or performed at the memorial did so because they had a special connection or relationship to Michael Jackson. They weren't hypocrites.
Yea, lots of people said bad things and took him for granted while he was alive, but that's the story with lots people, famous and not famous. Last month, nobody thought he would be dead today, so it was easy to look at the negative things and make jokes, just like in our personal lives. We assume we'll see our friends and family tomorrow, so we don't take the time to express how much they mean to us. Until it's too late. People are crying for lots of reasons, either out of sorrow, or out of guilt, or out of shock, or all three.
I can appreciate that he wasn't a fan, but you've gotta recognize how influential he was. You can't really say that anyone else in history ever came close to have a BILLION fans. And besides the music, he was the biggest celebrity philanthropist ever, lending his time, money and name to causes that actually changed millions of lives.

Of course there are lots of stories in the world today that need reporting, but this is a major story and like all other stories, it will too pass and people will go back to their daily lives as usual.

I understand your points, but look at it all in perspective. It is actually sort of a big deal.

Zai jian!...

kelechi said...

... i meant to say, "I can appreciate that you weren't a fan.."